Pharmacist Approved

Result in 48 hours


Helps with Acne and Keratosis Pilaris

Simply apply to the affected area twice a day.



We don’t have to tell you that Acne is a problem, but we are here to support your road to the skin you deserve.


  • Herbal formula brings excellent results due to the ingredients picked and approved by a pharmacist
  • 100% natural, pharmacist formulated and approved. Suitable for all skin types and ages
  • No preservative, no chemical and, no artificial or synthetic coloring no animal cruelty
  • body acne, stress acne, hormonal acne, cystic acne, and acne caused by food
  • Quickly fights acne bacteria on the spot to get excellent results with 100% natural ingredients


We source our ingredients from the Mediterranean Mountainous regions to the lush hills of India. Our product has been cultivated by a pharmacist that provides the promise that there will NEVER be artificial or synthetic coloring or agent. And because we love all things natural, we will never compromise our mission by testing on animals, ever. Our hope is to make your outside as happy as you are on the inside.

Acne Bay Spray