Seeds of Pharaoh - Proprietary All-Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplement with Tumeric for faster exercise recovery, immune system support, constipation relief, quality of sleep.

680mg, 60 Tablets


This uniquely blended all-natural supplement is gathered from most extensively researched plants that helped illnesses of human being in the past millennial.
A decade investigation on formulation of this product by Dr. Dov has proven to be the most effective for inflammation which is the core off most health problem.
Try it consistently for three weeks to feel the outmost effect


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Faster exercise recovery, immune system support, and osteoarthritis pain relief
  • INGREDIENTS YOU TRUST - Turmeric pills with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • LIVE HEALTHY - Relieve your pain and be more active with increased energy to live the life you want
  • SUSTAINABLE SUPPORT - Try Seed of Pharaoh consistently for three weeks to feel the best effect
  • SEED OF PHARAOH - Proprietary, all-natural supplement that is well researched and doctor approved

Seeds of Pharaoh


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